So what’s
this Society anyway?

We are a diverse collective of people who speak BRAND. Agile, quick, nimble, open, and collaborative. One day, we’re directing an Oscar-winning composer and researching ways to making oysters talk. The next, we’re Zooming with a fin tech mogul. When done right, marketing and advertising can be downright intoxicating.

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attract business.

Brand Society is a diverse, mass of contradictions that makes total sense. Yeah, we have cool offices with views of the French Quarter and the river, but what makes us who we are is how we make the world view your brand.

Meghan deist

Meghan Deist

Associate Art Director / Designer

join brand society Elizabeth

Elizabeth Schoen

Account Manager

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Associate Account Strategist

Gabby Chulick bio

Gabrielle Chulick

Social Media Manager

brand society odette

Odette Ieyoub

Director of Account Services

brand society gage

Gage Burke

Art Director

brand society lori

Lori Archer-Smith

Associate Creative Director / Copy Chief

join brand society Aimee

Aimee Holt

Digital Marketing Strategist

Sam bio

Samantha Brooks

Director of Brand Engagement

brand society tyler

Tyler Trobert

Art Director

brand society kristin

Kristin Selle

Digital Content Producer / Social Media Manager

brand society scott

Scott Gulle

Director of Project Management / Production

brand society jd

JD Thomas

Chief Operating Officer / Partner

brand society troy

Troy Cox

Chief Strategic Officer / Partner

brand society mike

Mike Rainey

Chief Creative Officer / Partner

brand society ricky

Ricky Thomas

Principal Advisor / Strategist

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