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Granting a Wish to the Wish Makers.

The all-volunteer board at A Child’s Wish of Louisiana had a wish themselves – a powerful video that would help them find terminally ill children to grant wishes to. Brand Society and the production team at Fire on the Bayou was more than happy to make it happen.

As A Child’s Wish board member/wish granter Stephanie Kaston put it, “We have the funds, we have the resources, and we have the heart. What we don’t have are enough contacts in the community to tell us when there’s a child in need of a wish.”

Thirty-eight years ago, before the national group, The Make A Wish Foundation, even existed, this group of big-hearted, selfless individuals began granting wishes to children and their families in Louisiana. Unlike Make A Wish, they grant wishes to the whole family – not just the child. What’s more, every penny raised goes to grant wishes.

“This is a wonderful organization and this was a great chance to give back,” said Brand Society Account Executive Meri Monsour. “The team at A Child’s Wish is extremely pleased with the way we brought their mission and vision to life with the video as well as a new logo.”

If you know of a child who needs a fairy godmother, A Child’s Wish has the magic wand. To learn more, check out their website.

Southern Cane

Brand Society’s portfolio includes Southern Cane, the only sugar that is 100% Louisiana grown, milled and refined. Pretty sweet client, don’t you think?

Sixty South Salmon

Sixty South Pure Antarctic Salmon, harvested out of Porvenir, Tierra del Fuego, Chile, hired Brand Society to help promote their pure salmon from the icy cold waters of the Antarctic. This sustainable resource is antibiotic free and uncontaminated by any farms. What’s more, it’s delicious.

Port Orleans Brewing Co.

Our client Port Orleans Brewery Co. threw us a little extra business during Mardi Gras for their Bacchus Brew. You gotta love this city.

ISRC United Nations

In 2019, the International Sustainable Resilience Center and The United Nations Economic Commission recognized Brand Society as agency of record to help coordinate and support efforts by the Center in disaster recovery and resilience worldwide.

Huge Ass Beers

If you can’t do great work for Huge Ass Beers on Bourbon Street, shame on you. We had huge ass fun promoting this iconic New Orleans brew and picked up a Bronze Telly for our efforts.

Downtown Development District

At Brand Society, we love working in downtown New Orleans and were pleased when the Downtown Development District chose us to develop their demographic profile report.

Cornet Bar & Restaurant

On the corner of St. Peter and Bourbon Streets sits Cornet Bar & Restaurant. Here you’ll find the best balcony on Bourbon and some great history. The owners have ties to New Orleans’ favorite son Louis Armstrong. We took home a Bronze Telly for this little online video.

Cho Thai

When Chef Jimmy Cho of Banana Blossom decided to open a new Thai restaurant on Magazine Street, BRG Hospitality asked us to come along for the ride. Cho To Go made life in the age of Covid-19 almost bearable.

A Child’s Wish

For more than 38 years, a Child’s Wish of Louisiana has granted wishes to terminally ill children and their families. They chose Brand Society to implement their full branding initiative which included a new logo and an about us video.

Huge Ass Cantina

We may have overdone it for the launch of Huge Ass Cantina, but we were in the French Quarter for tacos, burritos and cervezas the size of your head. That’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it.

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